Illustrated Indian wedding invitation - From concept to card

Illustrated Indian wedding invitation - From concept to card

illustrated Indian wedding invitation design for Kerala wedding

There has been a lot of buzz on illustrated wedding invitation recently.  Most of the wedding blogs and marketplaces features article on this. We thought of sharing with you the behind-the-scenes process that goes into creating an illustrated Indian wedding invitation based on our customer interactions and projects. 

Pricing It will begin with inquiry on how much is this card? when can i get? how long will it take? can you reduce the cost for me :) this would come from mails, Facebook-Instagram direct messages. 

Get to know the expectation, after setting up the cost. We will get into the creative part after this. Each couples are highly different in their needs, Few would wanted it traditional, just hand holding, some would go overboard with lip-lock, a twisted dancing pose. Some would prefer a wedding attire and few others would come with designer dress reference. We conclude check for pose, costumes, accessories, hobbies, pets, themes. with the bride or bridegroom (mostly brides are the highly interested! )

Sketch and Color - Most couples would start as caricature, but that has twist! After our initial sketch, the bride may scream in panic "Oh no! its not me" as most of them may not like their nose exaggerated, or eyes big and blown, mouth angled. These are typical fun elements in caricature. So we would calm them and convince with different semi-realistic approach. This is close to photographs shared but with sketch look. This will bring a twinkle and nod. Brides would want have specif choice of jewelries (antique style? Stone necklace? will this match my Jhumkas...)  The characters and accessories are colored as per choice of color.


Card Design While the sketch is done we will focus on creating attractive backgrounds and wedding elements like lamps, bell, flower decors, kumbam, mango leaves, glitters, golden sparkles. Every card will have its own appealing background coupled with the caricature or provide an elevating experience for couples when they see themselves as part of the wedding invitation.

illustrated Indian wedding invitation design for tambram wedding
That's it folks!

If you are looking to have one such wedding card to be designed, contact us Whatsapp to 9600039320. 

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