Wedding Art Print Gift - Gifting Story #001


I was in the midst of my wedding preparations and was thinking of having a unique wedding invitation card designed. I discussed this with Mr.Senthil of Sporg Stores.

After some rapid discussion, I fixed my mind on a caricature style invitation, depicting me and my wife. Thanks to the brilliant work by Sporg Studio and the team in bringing to life this idea. They could exactly conceive what I wanted and came out with this brilliant piece which I used as my wedding card.

To my surprise he presented the same as canvas art print frame for my marriage as part of his online art print stores. Now this is there in my living room, rekindling all the fond memories of my wedding whenever I see it.

It is so emotionally connected to my new phase of life that I cannot leave this one out whenever I refresh my memories about my wedding."

Everyone in my household knows how special this one is to me. I am persuaded to buy more art gifts from Sporg online store to add to my ever precious art works collection.

Balaji Chidambaram,

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